I started working with Carmel to strengthen on my core, lower back and improve overall flexibility…and the bits I don’t like doing like legs and cardio. Although I had been doing regular weekly weight training routines for many years, I found that at 73 my flexibility and balance was in need of work.

Initially we did one-on -one sessions at The Gym in Redhill, but COVID-19 and lockdown made that impossible. Still, over the 4 month period In The Gym I really felt the difference in posture, balance general mobility and therefore wanted to keep going.

Carmel put together a brilliant 3 times a week program for me which I have been doing for the last 2 and a bit months. Carmel checks in weekly to keep me motivated and makes the occasional variation to avoid the routines becoming stale.

I take training very seriously and also have a long-term outlook. Carmel has been brilliant. I recommend her to all who are serious about their fitness and  regular training.